30 Great North Carolina Science Adventures

30 Great North Carolina Science Adventures

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The contributions of many Museum staff are in this book!

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North Carolina possesses an astonishingly rich array of natural wonders. Building on this abundance, April C. Smith passionately seeks to open the world of nature to everyone. Her popular science guidebook features thirty sites across North Carolina that are perfect for exploration and hands-on learning about the Earth and the environment. A stellar group of naturalists and educators narrate each adventure, explaining key scientific concepts by showing you exactly where and how to look. This guidebook is for anyone—teens, kids, families, hikers, teachers, students, and tourists alike—who loves to be outside while learning.

· All you need to plan trips and discover new attractions

· Organized by the state’s Mountain, Piedmont, and Coastal Plain regions

· The 30 adventures spotlight wonderful places to hike, fascinating geological formations to find, animals and plants to observe, and hands-on learning activities

· Explains clearly the scientific processes that made North Carolina the state it is today

· Richly illustrated with photographs, diagrams, and maps; includes an indispensable science glossary

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